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After graduating with honors from the Digital and Interactive Media Design at NAIT, I went on to a world of programming various web based languages. While programming allowed me to excel at my efficient problem solving skills, I always had a passion for visuals.

I eventually moved into the fast paced world of cutting edge VR development and real-time rendering using the Unreal Engine for several years.
 With my strong programming background and interest in visuals, I eventually
 fell into the role of Technical Artist.

Bridging the gap between the technical and creative world to create optimized experiences and efficient pipelines was extremely fulfilling and led me on my path to go back to school for additional education. Taking the Foundations of VFX course at CG Spectrum I was able to expand my skills with 3D Modelling, Animation, and most importantly Houdini.


 Before graduating, I was able to join a VFX production studio and work on several high profile film and TV projects as a Dynamics Artist using Houdini to create a variety of photo-realistic effects. 

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